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The Sociality Axiom

"In the past few years I have come to realize that there is a reason I move fickly from learning theory to another as my instructional design framework. My seeming inability to commit is best explained by reference to Bloom’s taxonomy (Bloom and Krathwohl, 1956 ). When faced with the design challenge of helping students learn material at the bottom of Bloom’s taxonomy, behavioral methods seem most appropriate. As the subject of the design challenge climbs Bloom’s taxonomy, behavioral approaches give way to cognitive methods in my design inclinations. By the time the target material has reached the top of Bloom’s taxonomy, cognitive approaches have completely acquiesced to my social constructivist ideas about facilitating learning.

Imagine the following two non-examples of these connections between the elements of Bloom’s taxonomy and the popular learning theories. First, imagine using a social constructivist approach to helping students learn a long lists of facts. Would you perso…

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