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Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain

Aqui ficam dois links engraçados que encontrei recentemente:

Um vídeo do youtube - A Fair(y) use tale
Uma BD sobre public domain - Tales from the Public Domain

Tenho andado a ler o Future of Ideas, um livro excelente sobre o assunto, do Lawrence Lessig, criador do conhecido Creative Commons.

About creation and creativity

"Until the sixteenth century, creation (from the same Latin root as ‘create’) was used solely in the context of divine creation, the beginning of the world. The view that ‘creatura non potest creare’ (the creature who has been created, cannot himself create), was integral to the medieval religious belief system. Indeed the use of ‘creation’ to denote present or future human-making was not to emerge in English until the major transformation of thought that accompanied the birth of humanism during the Renaissance.
Long after that period the word continued to be used to invoke a godlike creator. Even the first recorded use of ‘creative’ seems to have been in this older sense – ‘this Divine, miraculous, creative power’ (Cudworth, 1678). By the time Haydn came to compose The Creation, the association of the word creative with human art and thought was becoming conscious and much more acceptable. It remained so throughout the nineteenth century. In 1815, for example, the poet Wordsworth…

Moodle Flakes

Aqui fica um pageflake que acabei de criar sobre o Moodle:

Michael Wesch and the Future of Education

Da página (05/08/08):

Dubbed “the explainer” by popular geek publication Wired because of his viral YouTube video that summarizes Web 2.0 in under five minutes, cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch brought his Web 2.0 wisdom to the University of Manitoba on June 17 (see video above).

During his presentation, the Kansas State University professor breaks down his attempts to integrate Facebook, Netvibes, Diigo, Google Apps, Jott, Twitter, and other emerging technologies to create an education portal of the future.

“It’s basically an ongoing experiment to create a portal for me and my students to work online,” he explains. “We tried every social media application you can think of. Some worked, some didn’t.”

Deixei aqui o link para não me esquecer de ver o vídeo, já me recomendaram por várias vezes.

Alguns livros sobre pessoas, tecnologias, redes e transformação

Estive no workshop com Gary Chapman no INESC Porto - Digital transformation of organizations. Gostei bastante, abriu-me várias perspectivas, das quais espero escrever quando tiver mais algum tempo disponível. Deixo aqui alguns livros que encontrei ou me foram sugeridos no âmbito do tema:
The Starfish and the Spider
WikinomicsNetocracyWeb 2.0: New tools, new schoolsSmart MobsGroundswellHere comes everybodyFree cultureThe future of ideasThe wealth of networks