Mars competition

In 140 characters, tell us what you think the first person to set foot on Mars should say to mark this historic event, for your chance to win this piece of Mars rock.

If men are from mars and women are from venus, what the hell are we doing here?
FML, we landed on the wrong planet.
Little green men, call us.
The war of the worlds has ended. We win.
Did you know mars is a chocolat where we live? 
We just came for the robots. 

Bobtail squid


Medeski, Martin & Wood



  1. "The finding that much biodiversity is not due to differences in genes, but rather to alterations in gene regulation, has introduced an important new element into evolutionary theory.[25] Diverse organisms may have highly conserved developmental genes, but highly divergent regulatory mechanisms for these genes."
  2. "Epigenetic changes include modification of the genetic material due to methylation and other reversible chemical alteration,[27] as well as nonprogrammed remolding of the organism by physical and other environmental effects due to the inherent plasticity of developmental mechanisms"


Holographic TV


The Reader

The art of peace

A short story

I met Aya this summer in a film festival. She was a balanced mix of japanese and european beauty, the result of a love story beginning two generations ago. Her grandmother, a belgian photographer, pointed her camera to a strange russian horseman doing strange acrobacies in his strange horse. Clic, clic, clic. They fell in love.

I secretly imagined a japanese camera that made people fall in love. After all, I was always told that the best cameras come from Japan.

Her mother travelled to Japan, following a mysterious call. She met a strange japanese man. Most probably, there was a japanese camera involved. They fell in love.

Aya was born in Japan and later moved to Portugal. She met a strange portuguese man. He was a film maker. Film makers have cameras. Japanese, I suppose. They fell in love.

This is a story about cameras that make strangeness vanish and love blossom.

Será o meu patrão de Marte?

Vassilis Tsabropoulos & Anja Lechner